Meet the women who are DESPERATE for the love of a crossdresser.

22nd June 2024

Dear lonely cross dresser who is looking for a girlfriend who loves your dressing. Please take a few minutes to find out how we helped 260 cross dressers find loving wives who share in their dressing.

Finally a step by step system that shows you how and where to find women who love cross dressers in no time without fear or embarrassment or without her leaving you because of your wonderful gift. This will be the best £29.99 you will ever invest but read below before you make your decision because the price pales into insignificance when you compare to what you will get. Given that people can't work at the moment due to the coronavirus we've lowered the price to £19.99.

Now watch this video and prepare to be shocked.

Let me tell you my story.

My name is Penny I am a genetic girl married to a cross dresser called Danny. When he dresses he becomes Danielle my girlfriend.

When I first met him I thought he was a woman- he looks that stunning and I’ve even seen men and lesbian women chat him up. After we got chatting he told me he was a guy, then I felt weak at the knees. Then we kissed and I fell in love. Then he asked me to go out with him and I said yes. Then when he proposed to me I said I would be honoured to be his wife on condition that on the wedding day he wore a dress!

We regularly go out with him dressed up and when we go out we have a girly night out. For example when we buy tickets I say “one for me and my girlfriend.” She always squeezes my hand a little when I do that.

I was single for three years before I met Danny. I am of Asian background and I am of a group of women who have a very similar situation to that of cross dressers. I used to cry myself to sleep or cuddle up to my teddy bears longing for someone who could cope with my lifestyle and desires which many of us have to keep in secret.

Some may say that Danny is lucky to go out with a woman who understands his desire to wear women’s clothes. Far from it, when you buy How to find Miss Perfect A guide for cross dressers and see the story of other women like me you’ll see we are the lucky ones.

I know why many cross dressers don’t tell their wives or girlfriends.

Danielle told me how she longed for a girlfriend who would not only tolerate the dressing but share in it. Her desire to dress is so strong she cannot suppress it and she said it would only be a matter of time before any girlfriend found out no matter how much she tried to hide it.

Danielle told me how difficult it was to find a girlfriend. She was always afraid to tell any girlfriend of his dressing in case she left him. She was always afraid that on telling her she’d tell all and sundry which is really easy given social media these days. Those days are now gone.

It was only when my cousin told me the similarities between the group of women I belong to and CDs that it dawned on me.

Now I know we are going to be happy ever after and I know that no CD or woman in my position needs to be single ever again.

What you’ll find when you read How to find Miss Perfect A guide for cross dressers.

When you read How to find Miss Perfect A guide for cross dressers you will see that there are hundreds of millions of women who have certain desires.

  • We all want to look gorgeous.
  • We want to be accepted for who we are.
  • We want to go out socially and be accepted as ourselves.
  • We’d love to go out with our boyfriends with him cross dressed.
  • We’d love to enjoy certain bedroom recreational activities with our boyfriends in lingerie.

Women who are in such a group have certain relationship issues.

  • We are either eternally single.
  • We have a male partner who has no idea of our secret.
  • We have a male partner who knows but doesn’t want to know.
  • A tiny minority of us have a partner who not only knows but shares in it.

Does this sound familiar? You are about to find out that there are hundreds of millions of us and we are just as lonely as CDs are.

Why I wrote How to find Miss Perfect A guide for cross dressers.

There is a reason and it’s not financial.

I know a lot of doctors: psychiatrists and family physicians. I have asked them all about the suicide rate among cross dressers. At this moment in time there are no published studies, as far as I can see, on this subject.

However on discussion with these doctors and telling them the plight of cross dressers all agree that the risk of suicide among cross dressers is much higher than that of the public. The major reason being the loneliness and the isolation. Nobody should ever feel so low as they want to try and end their lives.

I wanted to do something about it. Cross dressers are a group of very unloved people but they have so much love to give. As you read How to find Miss Perfect A guide for cross dressers you’ll see how the lives of many women have been enriched by their partner’s dressing. You all have so much to give us girls some may say that you are being selfish by denying some poor girl your wonderful gift.

During the course of the research we have found many women (who are increasing in number) who long for the warmth and love of a cross dresser. You’ll read of several in How to find Miss Perfect A guide for cross dressers.

When you read this guide hopefully you’ll see the what you have to offer these women and how many women there are who long for you.

The story of how it came about

My cousin is a doctor. During his time as a medical student and junior doctor he found a group of women who kept coming into hospital due to domestic violence and overdoses etc. They all had one thing in common. However being a CD he knew these characteristics were shared among CDs. A few cases may not be enough but when they start appearing in hundreds of women it starts to get you thinking that there we are onto something here.

When you see this programme you’ll see that there is no reason why every CD in the world cannot have a loving girlfriend who shares in the dressing up.

Here is what you get when you buy How to find Miss Perfect A guide for cross dressers today!

  • A book containing a step by step programme showing you how and where to meet the women who love cross dressers worth £19.99 ($30.)
  • It’s emailed to you within minutes saving you around £20 ($30) in shipping fees.
  • The story of Yvonne who at the time would have divorced her husband at the drop of a hat for the love of a cross dresser. RRP £20 ($30.)
  • The story of Anita whose boyfriend said they could do anything she wanted for her birthday. She blindfolded him, put lingerie on him. I am sure you can guess what she wanted to do. He thumped her so hard she ended up in hospital. When you get our How to find Miss Perfect A guide for cross dressers you’ll see that there are hundreds of millions of women like her. RRP £20 ($30.)
  • Details of the long term study into CDs and the women who long for the love of a CD carried out by a doctor RRP £2000 ($3000.)
  • The end to the lonely nights-PRICELESS.

Today you only pay £19.99 (US $30.) Get it now before the price goes up and our delivery system has a limit on the number it can deliver each day so get it quick.

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Our Promise to you

When you read How to find Miss Perfect A guide for cross dressers we promise that certain things will dawn on you.

  • You’ll realise that no CD needs to be single.
  • You will see that you’ve been looking in the wrong places.
  • You will see you’ve been approaching it the wrong way.
  • You will see that there are hundreds of millions of women who are just as lonely as you are.

Consider these reviews.

My name is Brittany I am single looking for a special woman and I have been searching for her for a few years. It was sometimes hard trying to find her but after reading your book I have been more relaxed about it and I will find her and definitely worth the money"Brittany from facebook

"An eye opener, showed me that I was searching in all the wrong places for an accepting partner. The proverbial haystack will hopefully become smaller with these tips. Buy it, well worth a read." Chantelle Collins facebook

"My name is Lauren Smith. I am a cross dresser. I am married. I wanted to show my wife I am a cross dresser. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to break the ice" Lauren Smith facebook.

"I can see after reading the book no CD needs to be single..I bought it out purely out of interest & to see if it reflected my own experiences. I had no reservations about buying it. It's Worth the money & more to find your soul mate.I would recommend it without hesitation!!! Go for it, you won't regret it. Just to state, I did not make this post for any personal gain. But purely to help to motivate othersfind that special someone xx"Lesley Ann Smith.

"I don’t read a lot of non-fiction self-help books, but when Penny Bond offered me a copy of How to find Miss Perfect: A Guide for Cross Dressers for review, I immediately fell in love with the idea. This is neither a how-to book on cross dressing, nor a work of personal affirmation that tries to convince the reader that cross dressing is healthy and acceptable. Instead, it’s a book that makes that assumption, and sets out to demonstrate that we can indeed find love not in spite of our cross dressing, but because of it.

"As somebody who has lived what Penny is writing, and who is fortunate to have a wife who not only accepts my feminine side, but who actively engages ‘Sally’ to come out and play, I loved the approach. What makes this such an exciting book is that it’s written not by a cross dresser, but by a wife who loves one.

"There are some studies and background details that Penny discusses, and some common questions that often arise when a spouse comes out as a cross dresser, but most of the book consists of real accounts of happy, healthy, loving relationships between cross dressers and their wives. It really is a positive, uplifting, happy read that offers hope (and some dating advice) for even the loneliest of our sisters. Just lovely!Sally from Bending the bookshelf

How to find miss perfect – a guide for cross dressers is sold through my cousin’s fitness company so that on your bank statement something very innocent.


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Legal disclaimer

This book is only designed for people who are willing to take action. Women who love cross dressers will not flock to you like flies to honey just on reading it. You have to make the effort to find such ladies. You have to be willing to treat them like goddesses from the moment you meet them. When you do get married I expect you to fulfil your marriage vows, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part.

Now the case studies you will see are very exciting. We’re sharing them because it’s important for people to realise that others have actually found loving wives and to see it is possible. It seems today that everybody is trying to sell you something and make ridiculous claims. That is not how it works. These specific people read our book, made a commitment and followed our advice to the letter.. Yes they followed the programme but it’s not 50% of WHY they succeeded. We do our best to ensure that everybody has a shot of making it but the truth is that like anything else in life there is a lot more involved than a step by step programme. These people are special in that they reached their goals but that doesn’t mean you will. We do our best to give you every asset we can to help you reach them but only you are responsible for your success which the programme or fail. We could just put “results not typical” here in really small text but we think it’s our job to make you understand that you reach your goals you will have to work hard, learn a lot and execute. We’re here to help and look forward to hearing of your success.

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