Explode your network marketing business with James Bond and Jozen Chin

6th June 2023

This is what you get for $97 (£66) per month.

I am working with a great guy called Jozen a network marketing coach and if you think I’ve give you value this is NOTHING compared to what you’ll get from working with him.

This is what you get for $97 per month (£66).

Membership of an exclusive facebook group.

Jozen does a weekly facebook live on how to grow your network marketing business. Bear in mind he charges £250 per hour.

I will do a weekly webinar on growing your self-employed day job.

Bear in mind I charge £200 per hour for business coaching

You get a monthly business building newsletter sent to you by email worth £97.

We review products so you never get done by the shiny object syndrome.

Accountability calls. On Sundays you commit yourself to something.

On Friday we see if you’ve done it. If you’ve done it, a pat on the back. If not – a forefit.

For example if you support Manchester City I’ll make you put on a Manchester United top and sing Glory Glory Man Utd.

I’ll be getting guest speakers to speak to you all as well.

I’ll be putting up details of great webinars to attend.

If you had a Russian prospect would you speak to them in Portugese?

I’ll be doing specialist webinars on how to get mothers on board.

People worried about the pension.

University students and graduates.

The self employed.

If you are in energy then I have negotiated with one company to join a brokerage for FREE. Bear in mind some charge £650 plus VAT to join.

Now to join our programme please click on https://www.succeedwithjozen.com/order-form1591077881596