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20th February 2024

Make the ultimate protest! If you object to Halal and Kosher then don't buy it. Fill in the form to get the monthly updated list of products to boycott. You'll also get details of some great petitions to sign.


In 1989 the Friends of the Earth published a list of all those companies using CFCs in aerosols. These chemicals damage the ozone layer. This was well before the invention of the internet. To get the list you had to send a £1 postal order in and a stamped addressed envelope. Overnight half stopped. Within 6 months all stopped.

It was super easy to get a ban- nobody was using them!

Parliamentary petitions

It is for this reason the first parliamentary petition you;ll get by email asks for labelling. Now I know what you are all saying. "Parliamentary petitions do not work."

A campaign by petitioners, including one who gave evidence to the Petitions Committee inquiry on the impact of Covid-19 on maternity and parental leave, has resulted in the Government updating its guidance to exempt baby and toddler groups from gatherings limits in all tiers. (1)

So they do work! When you opt in you'll get a series of 4 parliamentary petitions to sign on consecutive days.

Even if you are already on the mailing list please re-opt in so you get the 4 petitions. It takes about 30 seconds per day to sign them.

Why I object to Halal and Kosher

The first reason is religious. It is strictly forbidden for someone of Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist background and for many Christians to consume any item that is halal or kosher certified even Mars Bars.

This 3 minute 30 second video shows proof of this.

Both Halal and Kosher are absolute barbaric forms of slaughter.

Halal certification requires a 2.5% Zakat tax. That tax is not properly regulated. Now in it's purest form Zakat is a beautiful thing.

It must not be forgotten that on the night of the Manchester terror attacks many Pakistani taxi drivers turned off their meters and got people home to safety for free. It must not be forgotten that many Indian and Pakistani doctors who made their way to hospital to help with the wounded and never put a pay claim in. Just as importantly the press never documented the many people of Indian and Pakistani heritage who made their way to the blood bank the following morning to donate blood to help with the wounded.

In fact I never forget the day of 7th July 2005. I was in London, the day of the London bombings. When we were making our way back a very kind taxi driver of Pakistani heritage stopped us and took us to Euston Station and he refused to take any money of us. He said it was his Zakat.

They have to give 1/40th their time or their money to good causes. I have nothing but the highest respect for people like The Bearded brothers. They are what I call true Islam. With the exception of winning the lottery very few things would please me more than to see a branch of of the Bearded Brothers in every town and city in the UK. This video is very moving and very inspirational. I always laugh when Imran says "we can't get rid of her now!"

However it is very sad that money can be used for morally questionable purposes because it's not properly regulated and policed. According to the Australian Islamic Priest- Imam Tawhdi -it is highly questionable what they use the money for. I have been told it can be used to fund Jihad which can either mean struggle or other morally questionable things.If you go to TOMMY ROBINSON - Meeting The World's Most Notorious Imam you will see Imam Tawhidi says " “I agree that some halal certification authorities fund terrorism.”

There is no requirement. All they have to do is say Bismallah (thanks to God) before each meal.

Why don't you do Kosher boycott lists?

This is a question I get asked all the time. The Jews are considerate enough to label such products so people can make an informed choice. Just look at the back of a packet of maltesers or certain bread items.

I am deeply honoured to have Jewish friends. Every year I invite them to Diwali our festival of lights. In response they invite me to Hannukah their festival of lights.

The first protest-go vegetarian

If you are serious about stopping halal and kosher slaughter on animal cruelty reasons then you must go vegetarian. You must do to silence the pro halal lobby is to turn vegetarian. How can you say you oppose animal cruelty when your spending habits fund the killing of animals? They will always use that argument against you and they will be right!

In the land and resources it takes to feed one meat eater you can feed at least 15 vegetarians.

The best method to avoid obesity is to turn vegetarian or preferably vegan. I can't make my fat loss clients go vegetarian or vegan. I can only advise.

However those that do all report a very safe, very rapid loss of excess body fat with a massive improvement in health. 

Those that do all- without exception- report a very rapid, very safe loss of excess body fat. They all report a massive rise in energy and improvement in health.


Every time you eat meat then ​you are taking in animal fat, there is no way around that. However, you expose yourself to DASH.

Disease. You are exposing yourself to any disease that the animal had. I have often wondered if that is part of the reason why statistically speaking a lower risk of cancer. Imagine if you ate some liver or kidney which had metastasised cancer in it?

Antibiotics. You are exposing yourself to any antibiotics that the animal was on.

Steroids. Again you are exposing yourself to any steroids that the animal was on.​

Hormones. Farm animals are often force-fed hormones. I have often wondered if that is part of the reason why statistically speaking female vegetarians have a lower risk of fibroids and breast lumps and the like.


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    Watch this cute girl freak when she finds out meat is made from animals

    I have several campaigns to stop Halal. I am a 2nd generation Indian (non practising) Hindu. By 2nd generation I mean I was born and raised here in the UK. I am also a vegetarian animal lover. Sometimes I have felt physically sick when I have consumed a Halal or Kosher certified product without my knowing. I object to Halal and Kosher because it’s forbidden for some religions to consume such products. They are barbaric forms of slaughter. There is an unregulated tax put on them and they are wholly unnecessary. All a follower of Islam has to say is Bismillah before each meal.

    I don’t think we’ll ever get a ban on Halal and Kosher like there is in certain parts of the world. However by getting a clear label then we can make an informed choice.

    That said in the 1980s (probably before you were born) the Friends of the Earth produced a list of all those companies using CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) in their aerosols. These chemicals damage the ozone layer.

    Overnight 50% of such companies stopped. Within weeks the remainder did. It was then very easy to get a ban. If we get clear labelling and a tax then people won’t buy. It will be VERY easy to get a ban. When you opt- in this will be the first petition you get.

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    If you subscribe to my Halal and Kosher action newsletter then you’ll get a list of those companies to boycott. Once a month you’ll get a list of action points you can take to end Halal and Kosher.

    Make the ultimate protest! If you object to Halal and Kosher then don't buy it. Fill in the form to get the monthly updated list of products to boycott. On top of that you'll get details or great petitions to sign.

    (1) Extend maternity leave by 3 months with pay in light of COVID-19